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Tuesday 30 July 2013


I continue to find it beyond mind-boggling that anyone has to try to convince anyone about electrosensitivity being common when at the crux of it really it’s an extremely simple principle that most people alive in 2013 already know: everything alive operates on natural forms of electricity plus everything inanimate is held together by natural electromagnetic fields (EMF), and when you add un-natural electricity that’s gonna screw up all of it, ALL of it. It’s TOO weird that most people alive pretend they don’t know that when really they DO know that. Also, despite addiction, the cool factor, or whatever, it’s TOO weird that people won’t give up their misuse/overuse of devices with a simple “oops”, because everyone knows that companies that make and sell stuff can always easily develop and give us different stuff that won't mess with our bodies, and there's no doubt that companies would—because companies have proven over and over and over again that they always can and they always will.

Hopefully all this “digital dementia” prevailing wind will last and fling seeds into the ground that take root. It’s more and more in popular culture, tv shows, etc. I suppose we need to luck into The Perfect corporation or celebrity or movie sending The Perfect words/visuals viral in order for the "oops" moment to be an a-ha moment. I can quite vividly envision all that and how the tech world can morph (and still be there), so hopefully the only reason I can envision it is because all those concepts are being flung around invisibly in the air (via unnatural EMFs or natural EMFs emanating from brains or collective consciousness).

There's a new tv series on NBC called "Camp." I don't know the official hours of "prime time tv" ... this show is either in prime time or close to it. The plot includes the usual rivalry and comparisons between fancy camp versus not-as-fancy camp (the main plot is about the not-as-fancy camp). Of course, the fancy camp has its own cell phone tower; the other camp does not. The not-as-fancy camp decides to give in and get a cell phone tower, but then before the one-hour show is over they're tearing it down because they don't want it. The not-as-fancy camp is always The Good Guy, right :)

That was a long introduction to the title I used for this blog post. Herbert Morrison was the reporter on-site at the crash of the Hindenburg; he's famous for exclaiming, "Oh the humanity!" Without using the excuse of some type of insanity, how is it at all possible that the majority of individuals will not turn off their wireless radiation-emitting devices when someone who is suffering due to electrohypersensitivity, or suffering due to whatever impaired health status (visible or non-visible), or with a child they must protect, etc. asks—or even begs—for a wireless device nearby them to be off so that its wireless EMF emissions are not causing pain and suffering?

For anything (never mind EMFs), it doesn’t matter whether or not the person being asked/begged understands the pain or suffering. In general, it’s supposed to be enough to say, “You’re hurting me, please stop!” and generally most people are kind enough to stop whatever harm it is (even if they really don’t want to), or they’ll leave, or at the very least they’ll themselves feel uncomfortable being mean.

And when it’s a NON-stranger who won’t reduce harm in these situations, that’s beyond insanity. 

And when it’s a person at a doctor’s office, or hospital, or daycare, or school, or long-term care facility—all places that brag about reducing harm, protecting, and trying to do The Right Thing—that’s simply beyond any explanation or words.

I would like to give a shout-out to all the humans out there who still have the instinct to want to care. And I hope we can help people who have lost that instinct get it back.

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