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Monday 8 September 2014

This is your brain on EMFs

Electromagnetic fields is what is being continuously pumped through all indoor and outdoor airspaces and all living and non-living things in those airspaces at the speed of light to constitute a near or far wireless network coverage area, and/or an active or standby wireless connection, and/or unsuccessful connection attempts by wireless-enabled devices. That's what wireless coverage areas and wireless connections are: artificially-generated electromagnetic fields.

Here again, we have The New England Journal of Medicine (link is after the next two paragraphs).

Research repeatedly confirms electromagnetic fields can alter brain and nervous system, and cause side effects and affect other areas of the body and body functions. And this is understood and considered accepted by all authorities even though the same authorities equally admit that, so far, despite several decades of research, they don't know the exact underpinning biology and mechanisms. And it's accepted that different doses and different types of doses result in various and serious effects that are always purposely doing some degree of biological damage in order to, hopefully, cause an alteration that might reduce some other pre-existing serious biological problem. Damage is always done, and successful alteration is not always achieved.

Manufacturers of wireless devices somewhere in fineprint (that most users don't read) specifically direct device users to not use these machines held against the head, to not use these machines held against the body. WHEN will people consistently listen? WHEN will authorities consistently speak? Yes, all the medical possibilities are fascinating; those are controlled situations, controlled and evaluated doses that are administered only when there is no other option BECAUSE the medical folks know that it IS dangerous to do so. Who controls and/or evaluates the doses of wireless electromagnetic fields saturating your brain and body parts (and those of your loved one) all-day and all-night every day? Firsthand and secondhand doses in most built and unbuilt environments are now continuous and, against the advice of leading scientific experts, ever increasing—increasing with legal and authoritative permission and even when resultant illness is clearly evident. Do something about your firsthand exposures—there are many non-wireless satisfactory and enjoyable and plenty convenient enough ways to connect and do life. Do something about your secondhand exposures—you wouldn't be okay with another person or a company spewing smoke at you or your loved ones, so why would you be okay with them spewing electromagnetic fields at you? Of course your conscious reaction may be that the smoke is unpleasant, but what does unpleasant mean? You may cough, your eyes might bother you, you might feel nauseous, and maybe you'll become ill from carcinogens in the smoke—those are all biological reactions that happen caused by the presence of the smoke. The presence of electromagnetic fields also causes biological reactions.

"Although the biology and mechanisms underpinning DBS therapy remain unclear, we now know that normal human brain function is largely mediated through rhythmic oscillations that continuously repeat. These oscillations can change and modulate, ultimately affecting cognitive, behavioral, and motor function. If an oscillation goes bad, it can cause a disabling tremor or other symptom .... Rogue brain circuits stuck in states of abnormal oscillation in many diseases have become candidates for DBS therapy. Changes in neurophysiology, neurochemistry, neurovascular structures, and neurogenesis may also underpin the benefits of DBS therapy."

"... DBS has had an enormous effect on the treatment of Parkinson's disease. It has also been used to treat essential tremor, dystonia, and epilepsy and in experimental treatments of obsessive–compulsive disorder, depression, Alzheimer's disease, and Tourette's syndrome ...."

"Thanks in large part to the contributions of two extraordinary scientists, we have entered the era of human neural-network modulation."