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Monday 23 May 2022

There will be a ballad someday... "On Triangle Mountain".

[published here with permission from Sharon Noble 23 May 2022]

This is a 28-page letter. It isn't a new letter; it was sent in 2008. To read it, select the first page: it will automatically expand to a bigger size and also have all the other pages ready there for you to scroll through at the bigger size.

Friday 30 July 2021

MEME-ish. Words and pictures are ideas that can travel.

To see the images at a bigger size, simply click on any image and then notice a selection of thumbnail images appears so that you can easily navigate through the collection. You're welcome to informally share any of these images, with kind acknowledgement of this as the source: 


p.s. If you ask (that's me) for permission to use one or some of these images for a more intentional, non-commercial purpose, you might receive permission and a proper image file to use. All these images were created by me. Some of them are, or contain, photographs or illustrations: most of the photographs and illustrations are mine, the others I have permission for only my use. Permission for commercial use is generally forbidden, subject to negotiation with me.