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Tuesday 5 August 2014

Petition against CELL TOWERS AT 73 SCHOOLS in Washington DC area needs you

A Washington, DC suburb in the U.S. -- Prince George's County in the state of Maryland -- is organizing to stop a cell tower deal to site towers at 73 schools in the County. They also are about to upgrade the wireless infrastructure in all the schools now that they enacted a Bring-Your-Own-Device policy and are adding more access points inside every building.

This group will really push the issue, hoping to spotlight it especially because it's in the Washington, DC area.

They have a website:

Please sign the petition that already has over 800 -- the more signatures, the more media coverage. This group is about to start a huge campaign, and if they can get over 1,000 signatures it will help move some mountains. If they get signatures from all over the world it shows the international support and adds a lot to their efforts.

Please consider signing the petition and passing along this information and request to other people.

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