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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Stop pretending

If you assume that I hate Internet or hate “technology,” you’re wrong. I use Internet and technology in the same way that I choose to use any *thing*: voluntarily and with respect. Internet and technology can be beneficial tools or detrimental tools. It’s that I’m against people being used as tools by or via Internet or technology. Two definitions of “tool” belong in that previous sentence. In my opinion, Internet and technology (and the people behind them) tend to insult my and your intelligence, as they assume we are both types of tool. Planned or unplanned, this assumption is insulting, abusive, and discriminatory. Pretending those principles are to be tolerated in civil society is not acceptable for any reason. Hint: stop pretending.

And I’m against natural human thought being directly or indirectly controlled or otherwise abused by a tool. Think … think outside the box … think outside the flat-ish electronic boxes of all sizes (tiniest nanochip to largest computer). Hint: stop pretending.

And I’m against uninformed or non-consensual pollution of Earth and all existence (that includes us) that happens when too many people continue to pretend there aren’t good enough reasons to actively choose less polluting ways to fulfill human desires for survival, comfort, love, fun, communication, and “winning.” Huge and newer in that discussion is the increasing dense swamp of “e-smog” that is the visible or invisible artificial electromagnetic radiation manufactured and spewed into the air everywhere as fuel for and emissions from electric and electronic tools. Hint: stop pretending.

Stop pretending. Think. Be authentic. I hope it isn’t already too late to use the word "authentic." I sense that it’s already clinging to the rim of the vortex where principles that morph into the opposite of their definition go. Hint: don't hurl it into the vortex.

Stop pretending. Think. Be authentic.