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Friday 30 July 2021

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Thursday 22 April 2021

A dear friend asked me to share her letter

Dear friends of Earth on Earth Day 2021,

Thank you for all the wonderful things you do to raise awareness to reduce and prevent electrosmog.

Please keep spreading that essential message, because I'm becoming more and more exhausted trying to feed enough essential natural energy into every living cell in order to *keep* everything alive, healing, and in good health.

Everyone must stop *habitually* hurling artificial wireless energy into every place, every thing, and every living cell. It's overwhelming. Overwhelming. Everything. Every living thing. This artificial wireless energy interferes with the natural energy that *I* provide to living things (human and other) at each and every moment of their lives. Without the natural energy I provide, you stop living. If you don't stop continuously hurling more and more artificial wireless energy everywhere, it'll be the end of you. Literally. You *know* that I *can* make that happen. Surely even the most stubborn human realizes I'm kinda near the end of my rope. (p.s. If you think I'll accept a noose being tightened around my neck, think again, because that's not how I roll.) Sooo.

Y' know how frustrated you feel about how so many so-called "environmentally-minded" people pretend they don't have to be concerned about electrosmog? Well, imagine how *I* feel about that!! They'd do well to keep in mind the message we ad campaigned decades ago: "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature." Really, I wanted the message to be, "It's not nice to *try* to fool Mother Nature," but they convinced me to acknowledge that you do have some power over at least yourselves... and that you could choose, ahem, wisely to use your power to help me and to convince other people to stop hindering me and to stop trying to murder my child, Earth.

Yes, of course it *is* also extremely essential that everyone stops habitually hurling artificial chemicals into every place and living things. But both are urgent, dire, exhausting problems for me and my child: artificial chemicals, artificial electromagnetic energy (a.k.a. "wireless" and leaky electricity).

If those who are the stubborn-pretending-to-not-understand-that-you're-bags-of-natural-chemicals-and-natural-energy—nothing else—don't soon have an appropriate a-ha! moment, I'm going to do something about that, and I promise they won't like it.

I might write to you again if that collective a-ha! moment doesn't help accelerate the un-deployment of those fleets of thousands of electrosmog-spewing satellites. It's difficult for me to fathom that brains that *I* create and foster could possibly be so foolish and disrespectful of all life, my child's life, and me. The natural energies in those brains are obviously already ultra-overwhelmed. I measure time in a different way than you do; I'm not sure how long I will, as the expression goes, suffer fools. If they want to leave Earth so badly, they might want to recall the expression, "Careful what you wish for," because it's *my* child, Earth, they're shunning, neglecting, and torturing.

Thank you all my helpers. For now, I'd rather not hurl everyone off the planet to protect my child. So do whatever you can to help more human parents and more so-called "environmentalists" respect the natural electromagnetic world of Earth that *they* and every place, person, and other life they care about needs in order to survive.

I know it can be difficult, but try to keep your good heart and good spirit while insisting that they must stop their disgusting electrosmog habits. Y' know, you can be nice: if you have to knock some sense into people, you could be prepared to hand those persons an icepack to soothe their suddenly aching heads when the a-ha! moment triggers their brains to fire on maximum in an effort to immediately do-the-right-thing.

Your friend,
Mother Nature
p.s. If you read thiswirelessly, please consider how to in future read non-emergency items by a non-wireless connection method (cord, cable, adaptor). As my friend Barb says: #PracticeSafeTech and e-Hygiene, because you can, and you're worth it.