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Wednesday 1 August 2018

President's Message, EPIC

Hello. Thank you very much for being here.

Our non-profit is Electromagnetic Pollution Illnesses Canada Foundation – we abbreviate that as “EPIC.” I’m Barbara Payne and I’m EPIC’s first President. Our non-profit provides support and services to persons directly or indirectly affected by several types of electromagnetic pollution. EPIC also provides information to the public about electromagnetic pollution and its impact on health and wellbeing. And EPIC promotes the creation of healthy environments. EPIC’s website is often updated — — and we’re on Twitter @iexistworld.

"Wireless" seems like an endless list of items, right? I notice that many people have an a-ha moment when they realize that it isn’t so much a long list of so many things as merely ONE thing that happens to spew out of many sources.

Electromagnetic fields are PHYSICAL agents. For various reasons, even though use of electrical, electronic, cordless, and wireless devices and systems and networks has been exponentially increasing for decades, there seems to have been no meaningful effort by authorities to inform anyone about the increased density and sources of biologically-active electromagnetic radiation that results because of high consumer and commercial use, including overuse.

It’s essential that everyone realizes the simple fact that operation of any electrical, electronic, or wireless devices or networks is: secondhand exposures of biologically-active radiation to bystanders and environments; firsthand exposures to each direct user; that each user is making a pulsing, three-dimensional radiation footprint; and that each user’s demand for wireless network availability is as if each user is granted the right to irradiate EVERY child, adult, and environment. B. Blake Levitt said in 2015, “An individual’s right to use wireless tech stops where someone else’s DNA begins.”

Respect yourself and others by being mindful that electromagnetic radiation is generated by most items that are powered by electricity or battery — and that’s whether or not they’re “wireless.”

Prefer modern non-wireless connection methods – with cords and cables that eliminate or substantially reduce electromagnetic radiation footprints and exposures. Prefer non-wireless methods for yourself, and provide them for others, and request them everywhere you and the people you care about spend time.

We need progress that is LESS electromagnetic radiation, not MORE sources, not HIGHER density of electromagnetic pollution.

Anytime you hear or read the following words, they usually actually mean that someone decided to knowingly pump biologically-active, body-penetrating electromagnetic radiation into you and everyone else (that’s users and non-users) where network coverage or wireless devices or wireless features are on, and whether or not the networks and devices are actively being used. All the following words are usually dense electromagnetic radiation footprints and exposures: 4G, 5G, 2G, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, hotspot, cell network coverage area, Bluetooth, wireless, smart, DAS, transmitter, signal, mobile, wearable.

Anyone who says it’s impossible or too difficult to install and use wireLINE (cords and cables) instead of wireLESS is usually incorrect, or closed-minded, stubborn, disrespectful, lazy, or simply doesn’t yet know how. More than 150 years ago humans installed the first communication cable across the Atlantic Ocean, so it's unrealistic, in the 21st century, for anyone to claim we can't figure out how to install or upgrade modern communication cables in schools, homes, doctors’ offices, government buildings, hospitals, libraries, workplaces, retail areas, churches, parks, stadiums, or anywhere else! Whenever a telecommunication company deems a cable is necessary, the company goes to great lengths, literally, to install a cable. How is it NOT necessary to prevent wireless radiation from KNOWINGLY detrimentally messing with the cells in our living bodies when experts already know how to prevent that AND companies that provide connectivity for networks and other services and products DO use non-wireless methods for other reasons?! People matter. Environments matter. We must insist that communication and other technology and utility companies provide products, features, and services that beneficially modernize by using cords and cables instead of wireless radiation.

Encourage everyone to practice e-hygiene and #PracticeSafeTech. Prefer cords (to connect with wireless off), provide cords, request cords, respect wires. Handle all types of power with caution. Be kind to yourself and to others. Please tell two people what you learn here, and ask THEM to tell two people.

Barbara Payne, President
Electromagnetic Pollution Illnesses Canada Foundation (EPIC)
(revised August 2, 2019, previous version was dated August 2, 2018)

Symptoms & Exposures & How to reduce them

Persons who are familiar with electromagnetic sensitivity commonly report some, several, or many of the following symptoms, which are often significantly reduced or eliminated when these persons practice prudent avoidance of artificially-generated electromagnetic fields. For some persons and in some circumstances, relief may seem immediate or may require longer periods of time to progress, and relapses are not unusual, and of course healing often varies from person to person. We hear that even persons who achieve substantial recovery do find it necessary or beneficial to continue the improved e-hygiene habits they adopted, in order to maintain better health and quality of life.

In the second section are some specifics about e-hygiene and reducing first- and secondhand exposures and electromagnetic footprints at home. There are many others. Hopefully, this list will also be a springboard for you to consider what else might help in your home environment and elsewhere.


·       Memory, concentration problems
·       Headache, pressure in the head
·       Tinnitus (buzzing/ringing in the ears)
·       Difficulty sleeping, low quality of sleep, melatonin reduction
·       Myelin sheath nerve damage
·       Fatigue
·       Nausea
·       Digestive problems
·       Tingling sensations, or tremors, sudden nerve sensations (spasm / heat)
·       Adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems (weight gain or loss)
·       Hormone changes, menopause-like symptoms
·       Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
·       Dizziness, vertigo
·       Heart palpitations, low or high blood pressure
·       Numbness, pain in joints, muscles (fibromyalgia)
·       Eyes dry or irritated, worsening vision, or floaters
·       Red skin blotches, eczema, body swelling
·       Depression, anxiety
·       Poor blood sugar regulation (Diabetes harder to control/ increased insulin required)
·       Immune abnormalities
·       Asthma, shortness of breath
·       Seizures
·       Dehydration of body
·       Sore feet (esp. getting out of bed), plantar fasciitis
·       Bulging veins in hands when exposed

Studies show direct links to these conditions as well:
Cancers (brain tumours, leukemia, breast, thyroid and salivary gland, etc.), DNA strand breakage, autism, mitochondrial dysfunction, nerve damage, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Alzheimer’s Disease


  • Replace cordless phones with corded models (cordless base stations broadcast radiation even when the phone is not in use, older 900 MHz analog cordless phones do turn off between calls but still emit radiation when in use).
  • Instead of using wi-fi and other wireless connections use wired options and turn off wireless features (use of a DLAN system that sends Internet signal through your electrical system wiring instead of emitting wireless radiation helps some people but does generate other undesirable EM radiation, so cords/cables are safer than DLAN).
  • Choose wired for security systems, sprinkler system rain gauges, thermostats, and other indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring.
  • Completely power off cell phones when you sleep and when not in use—the phone “talks” to the network towers even when the phone is not in use. You and bystanders are exposed to the radiation that is this continuous “talk.”  
  • Distance cell phones away from your head and body, use speaker phone or a hollow tube earpiece. 
  • Avoid using a cell phone and other wireless devices in a car or any contained metal area (train, bus, elevator, subway, airplane, etc.) or in weak signal areas. In all those limited areas, the device boosts power to connect, so it gives off more radiation; as well, wireless radiation reflecting off metal intensifies exposures. When inside a car use an external antenna.  
  • Request an RF-emissions always off (or fewer emissions) electricity meter from your local hydro company; or a meter wired through a phone line might help some persons. Request this for water and gas meters as well. In advance, get agreement from your utility provider that your old meter will be restored if the new meter is worse. Shield RF-emitting meters until they are changed; talk to a building biologist to do this. A non-digital (analogue) meter may be ideal for some persons.
  • Dispose of your microwave oven. They all leak high levels of microwave radiation after they are a few weeks old.  
  • Disconnect wireless games from their power source when not gaming, as some game systems broadcast radiation all the time, even when not in use. 
  • Disable all wireless features not in use on laptops, computers, printers, e-readers —otherwise they constantly broadcast radiation. Replace your wireless accessories with wired models: keyboard, mouse, speakers, microphone, etc.
  • Do not use compact fluorescent or any low-voltage lighting technologies.
  • DVD players/VCRs, electric clock-radios/alarm clocks, stereo systems, heating pads, electric blankets, lamps, and waterbeds must be unplugged from their power sources in order to cease the electric and magnetic field emissions. Before sleeping, remove or unplug electronic devices located in the sleeping areas. To largely reduce your exposure to these fields, turn off circuit breakers to your bedroom and adjacent rooms or have a demand switch installed by an electrician. In all rooms, when a charger is not in use unplug it from the electrical outlet.
  • Distance wireless devices and appliances away from all children. They will have a much longer and earlier lifetime exposure than we did and so they could be more prone to health challenges because of this radiation exposure.
  • Before committing to or proceeding with repairs, replacements, or upgrades of any systems in your home — such as phone, Internet, furnace, wiring, appliances, and many others — try to pre-arrange that it will be possible to undo the change without delay and without prohibitive cost to you, if something about the change unexpectedly worsens the electromagnetic fields in your home.

Electromagnetic Pollution Illnesses Canada Foundation (EPIC) • • @iexistworld •

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Press Release: Hearing at the Danish Parliament on wireless radiation April 12, 2018

[published with permission from EHSF]

April 12, 2018 Hearing at the Danish Parliament on wireless radiation puts pressure on the National Board of Health

Politicians on the Danish Parliament Committee for Health and Elder care will investigate the health risks from mobile radiation and wireless networks with a public hearing on April 12 at the Parliament building, Christiansborg in Copenhagen. The consultation has been in preparation for a while and several leading international researchers in the field will speak. The National Board of Health will, however, not participate.

The main reason for this hearing is that Parliament politicians do not believe it has been clarified whether radiation from mobile telephony, wireless networks, etc. are associated with health effects or not.

The parliamentary committee mentioned in its announcement of the consultation that several medical doctors have indicated that an increasing number of patients are experiencing symptoms from exposure to radiation emitted by mobile telephones, wireless networks, etc. Reported symptoms include headaches, memory and concentration problems, tinnitus, restlessness, impaired sleep, behavioral problems and dementia. In January 2015, France prohibited Wi-Fi devices in kindergartens, and the French government has suggested that school children should be prohibited from using their mobile phones while at school.

In 2011 the World Health Organization WHO classified radiofrequency radiation from mobile devices and wireless networks as potentially carcinogenic to humans on the basis of the then available peer reviewed and published scientific research. The timing of this parlamentary hearing is extraordinary as new and comprehensive studies from the United States and Italy significantly upgrade the cancer risk.

In spite of much recognized foreign research, the Danish National Board of Health has refused to acknowledge any health damage may be caused by exposure to radiation from wireless technology.

It is therefore highly conspicuous and highly problematic that the National Board of Health, which is the only protective health body in Denmark in relation to non-ionizing radiation, will not be represented at the hearing.

For many years, the EHS Association of electro-hypersensitive people has warned about the health risks from excessive use of wireless technology. The chairwoman of the EHS Association, Christina Mellgren, welcomes the hearing. ”It is high time that politicians understand that public health is already under threat by the rapidly increasing wireless radiation exposure in society. The extensive use of wireless technology such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices is a time bomb that may have serious long-term health consequences for large segments of the population, especially children and adolescents, unless regulation is tightened immediately. Many people are affected by ubiqutous wireless radiation, usually without realizing, and this phenomenon will only worsen. For long enough, government authorities have ignored extensive scientific studies in this area that demonstrate a significant health risk and have not acted to protect the population. We look forward to the fact that the parliamentary hearing will clearly reveal the current situation through insights from some of the absolute leading researchers in the field. The rising wireless radiation in society today must be recognized as a serious environmental threat to public health.”

On the day of the hearing, the EHS Association will host several activities throughout Copenhagen.

8.30 – 9.30 am.: At the National Board of Health, Islands Brygge 67, 2300 Copenhagen. Delivery of a petition against increasing radiation exposure to the Directorate of Health, Søren Brostrøm and Head of Unit for Radiation Protection, Mette Øhlenschlæger.

10 am. – 12 pm.: Nørreport Station. Public demonstration of radiation levels with professional measuring equipment. Sound of the pulse-modulated signals will be amplified for demonstration. Distribution of informational flyers.

Danish EHS Association

Press / media contact:
Tuesday and Wednesday morning:
Christina Mellgren - Chairwoman of the EHS Association Tel. +45 62 25 11 28
Henrik Eiriksson - member of the EHS association tel. +45 36 17 34 04
Thursday: Karin Nørgaard - member of the EHS association tel. +45 47 38 41 10
eMail (will respond quickly) to: Pernille Schriver -

Saturday 3 March 2018

Lothlorien Lost

[Published here with the author's permission.]

Lothlorien Lost: The Wireless World Interpreted through Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy
By Diana Kordas

We are creating Mordor, a dead world where there are no trees, no birds, no light, no beauty and no innocence. Tolkien’s Mordor, the kingdom of the evil wizard Sauron, is a vision of hell, black and terrifying. It is a world without a single blade of grass, peopled by evil orcs, dominated by the restless, eternally-roving Eye of Sauron that seeks, seeks, seeks the ring.
When we read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, there is no question of whose side we are on. We are on the side of Frodo, of Gandalf the good wizard, of the elves who represent the light just as Sauron represents the dark. We want Frodo to succeed in destroying the ring so that Sauron will be vanquished and Middle Earth will be saved from the creeping darkness that has already claimed Mordor. Sauron’s creature Gollum, who originally discovered the ring and became its slave, gives us the creeps. He is pitiable, but he inspires revulsion. He stands for innocence lost, for humanity perverted; he is Cain. We last see Gollum falling into the fires of the volcano, symbolically the fires of hell, clutching the ring he calls “Precious”.
In a wireless world, Sauron is represented by the military-industrial complex that does not care if the earth is barren as long as it is dominated by them. The same thinking that developed nuclear weapons now seeks dominance through a wireless world to power other weapons of mass destruction. Wireless technologies are needed for drones, for satellites and for powerful EMP weapons. Wireless technologies are needed for autonomous robots to do the killing and man the factories of a world with little need of human beings or of nature itself. The telecoms companies are the chief orcs that do Sauron’s bidding, and the robots are the orc armies.
The power of Sauron is electromagnetic radiation, which uses the non-ionizing spectrum to reach out and communicate with wireless devices. Now the Eye of Sauron sits on virtually every hill, seeking, seeking, seeking the devices—the rings—that the telecoms companies have managed to place into the hands of virtually every man, woman and child on the planet. Invisible, these frequencies fill the airwaves, passing through everyone and everything as they seek, seek, seek you out and seek, seek, seek to connect.
In the wireless world, Frodo and the hobbits represent humanity. They live in a beautiful land called the Shire, and nature is bountiful. But the hobbits are vulnerable to the power of the ring, and they feel its pull. Bilbo feels it when he steals the ring from Gollum. Frodo feels it, even though he knows it is evil and must be destroyed. Both Bilbo and Frodo are worn thin and frail by their possession of the ring. Smeagol, who becomes Gollum, feels its attraction so strongly he murders his own brother to possess it.
The dwarves do not feel the power of the ring. They are the only ones who don’t. They dwell underground, and mine for gold, and the power of the ring cannot reach them. In this they are like certain bees that nest underground and which are not affected by the electromagnetic radiation; it does not penetrate into the earth. It is the creatures who inhabit the surface of the earth which are vulnerable, the hobbits and the elves.
If the hobbits represent humanity, the elves stand for nature. Light and airy themselves, they stand for the birds, the butterflies, the fireflies, the bees and other pollinators. They stand for the light, for beauty and for innocence. They are the ones most aware of the presence of Sauron, and the most affected by it. They seek to avoid the Eye by hiding in the forest, in the beautiful and enchanted city of Lothlorien. They know that if the Eye finds them they will die. In the wireless world, the Eye penetrates even the forests. It constantly finds the birds and insects, the creatures who inhabit the rivers and the animals who live above the ground. And the Eye, in the form of electromagnetic waves, is killing them. Plants, insects, birds, amphibians and mammals are all being affected in one way or another.
In the wireless world, virtually everyone is Gollum. Everyone who owns a cell phone, a smart phone, a tablet or any other wireless device feels the pull. Deliberately manufactured to be addictive, these devices have all become the “Precious” without which no Gollum feels he can live. Precious lives in every Gollum’s pocket, and he checks it every few minutes to make sure it is there, constantly stroking its surface as Gollum strokes the Ring. Precious has become every Gollum’s lifeline, an extension of himself, keeping him awake nights as it bathes his face in its unearthly blue light. The cell towers and Wi-Fi routers constantly seek Precious out, pulsing, pulsing, pulsing, sending out the waves of electromagnetic energy that are killing Gollum and the world he lives in. But he doesn’t care, because Precious is everything to him. Let the earth be barren, as long as Gollum has Precious in his possession.
The elves are departing from Middle Earth—our earth. Lothlorien, which surely stands for paradise, is being lost. Even in Lord of the Rings, Lothlorien is ultimately lost because Sauron, though defeated, has come too close to destroying the elves and all they stand for. The elves leave Middle Earth, never to return. In the book, the elvish queen Galadriel gives Sam a box of magical dust which restores nature in the Shire. There is no elvish queen to give us a box of magical dust which will restore our earth, once we have allowed Sauron to destroy it. What is dead and extinct will be forever lost, including species we have never seen and now may never discover. When the elves leave, they will never return.
If you have a wireless device, you are Gollum. The Eye of Sauron will find you, learn everything about you, and ultimately destroy both you and the world you live in. Do you really want to live in Mordor? Do you think you will survive to live in Mordor? Can we still save Lothlorien? Frodo had the courage to toss Precious into the fire. Gollum followed Precious into the fire.