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Wednesday 18 December 2013

Dear Santa,

The links (below my signature) about The Quiet Zone with this post are a series of 3 short CNN videos about what I'd like for Christmas, please. I realize this item is available for U.S. residents, but that one isn't available for Canadian residents and there aren't any in Canada. So please, I'd like one available in Canada.

If you wonder why, it's because like the telescope in the video, my body is a really sensitive radiowave receiver and now it hurts pretty much all the time (my heart, my brain, my ears) because more and more radiowaves are being continuously generated and pumped into the air everywhere to make the constantly changing invisible platform that carries wireless networks and connections. This is like an overdose for me, and it's an overdose that repeats over and over and over again at every moment of my life. And that non-stop repeated overdosing breaks a lot of my body functions temporarily and sometimes permanently damages them.

If you ask Mother Nature, she can explain how from Day 1 all of us were designed on purpose to be sensitive to that type of radiation ... when it's from a natural source ... in order for our bodies to survive. And probably you can easily understand that some babies, and kids, and adults would be more sensitive and react worse to this type of radiation, especially when it's a non-natural type of the radiation ... just like any person can have their own different reactions at different times and like one person's reaction isn't the same as another person's reaction ... peanut butter, cigarette smoke, fragrances, sugar, dietary fat, sunlight, alcohol, prescription drugs (and, well, everything else that the inside and outside of anyone's body comes in contact with).

I know that there are a lot of people who suffer from bad reactions to this radiowave radiation. Probably something like at least 28,000 people in my City of Toronto in Canada have these bad reactions. I'm lucky because at least I've figured it out. Most people don't know that's what is making them sicker, so they don't know to try to avoid their firsthand and secondhand exposures whenever they can. Even most medical doctors find it hard to understand, but thankfully more and more of them are raising awareness about this.

I realize this is a pretty big Christmas wish to ask for, and especially on such short notice! I know it's on a lot of Canadians' wishlists, so maybe it would help you take care of thousands of wishes at once. But I totally understand if it would have to wait until after Christmas. If you'd like to learn more about it and Mother Nature is too busy to take the time to fill you in (also totally understandable, as she certainly must have her hands overfull because of all the not-so-smart humans doing their best to destroy the planet), you will find many wisdoms shared at facebook page Wendy Walks for ES. And of course, you can always message me.

In the meantime, it would be great if you would please consider my smaller Christmas wish. That family, friends, and other people in the world respond only with kindness and doing everything within their control to reduce our exposures when we're suffering and must ask for their help to reduce the overdose exposures near wherever we are, so that we can even spend any time with them at all. It physically and emotionally hurts a lot when they choose to not help only because they don't understand or feel the pain themselves, or when they choose to only help as much as they think is enough (such as thinking their mobile phone on 3 feet away from me is enough, when they could easily turn it all the off for a short time and their life and their body would not suffer, or thinking that it won't hurt me if they use their mobile phone for "just a second"), or when they outright or silently laugh and ridicule me and my need. It emotionally hurts a lot to be asked to prove there's any reason for me to need to ask for their help, when so many of them help anyone (family, friends, or strangers) who might anytime ask them to stop doing something that is physically hurting those people and will even ask other people to stop doing the hurting.

Thanks very much for reading about my wishes.

I hope you have a nice holiday after all your much appreciated seasonal work.

p.s. There's a hamlet in Ontario where the municipality welcomes the idea of becoming one of these zones: Port Franks. I don't live there but several people do who suffer in this way and some of them are very ill now (and other residents there are newly ill) because this hamlet didn't have any strong artificial source of this radiation before this year and now they do (a telecommunication network tower with a lot of antennas on it that non-stop 24/7 generate and emit this radiowave radiation).

do it WITH wires 

Sunday 8 December 2013

Don't be a dodo (a flightless bird)

I wanted to be on the other side of North America tomorrow but I can't fly anymore. Exactly because everyone uses wireless electronic devices. I'm one of the "lucky" few who has figured out that wireless radiation emissions make me ill. It ain't pretty, and I wasn't always like this, and it could happen to you. [btw, I will not be responding here to anyone who decides his/her life is so awful that it can only be improved by trying to ridicule this sensitivity to electromagnetic fields or by being mean to me. Newsflash: I've heard all that before; and to anyone so inclined, I sincerely hope that your life improves enough so that being unkind to other people isn't what makes you feel good.]

Newsflash: Everyone's exposure dose when inside a metal container (like a car, an airplane, a train car) goes up, because this type of radiation ricochets around bouncing off all the metal and makes really bad "hotspots"; and that wireless radiation doesn't bounce off your body, it pierces into your body, and the piercing happens both by emissions from your own device(s), so firsthand exposure, and by emissions from the network equipment that provides the telecom or wi-fi connection, so secondhand exposure.

When there's no emergency, consider keeping your wireless gear all the way powered off. And in general prefer cords/cables/wires to communicate (and provide them for others to use). Just because something is "convenient" doesn't mean it's "best."

I urge all of you who fly as passengers or crew to insist on decreased wireless radiation exposures, especially inside the metal cans! Probably most of you know that when you fly your body gets pierced by the other kind of radiation; you don't need to be piercing your body with wireless radiation too. And it's especially unfair to pierce all the bodies who aren't using any wireless gear (involuntary exposure doses). Plus the flight crew's bodies day after day being pierced by all the ricocheting radiation -- that's not fair either.

Medical experts haven't yet decided exactly how people get ill from these exposures, because it seems to vary (what illness/disease doesn't vary?), but more and more MDs are now diagnosing this sensitivity and urging precaution. Please think about reducing your exposures -- it isn't that hard to do.

Any flight crew who would like to connect with other flight crew suffering due to sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, you could send a message at facebook page "Wendy Walks For ES" (one of that page's administrators is an airline Captain who is affected in that way, and so you could connect with other flight crew through there).