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Sunday 8 December 2013

Don't be a dodo (a flightless bird)

I wanted to be on the other side of North America tomorrow but I can't fly anymore. Exactly because everyone uses wireless electronic devices. I'm one of the "lucky" few who has figured out that wireless radiation emissions make me ill. It ain't pretty, and I wasn't always like this, and it could happen to you. [btw, I will not be responding here to anyone who decides his/her life is so awful that it can only be improved by trying to ridicule this sensitivity to electromagnetic fields or by being mean to me. Newsflash: I've heard all that before; and to anyone so inclined, I sincerely hope that your life improves enough so that being unkind to other people isn't what makes you feel good.]

Newsflash: Everyone's exposure dose when inside a metal container (like a car, an airplane, a train car) goes up, because this type of radiation ricochets around bouncing off all the metal and makes really bad "hotspots"; and that wireless radiation doesn't bounce off your body, it pierces into your body, and the piercing happens both by emissions from your own device(s), so firsthand exposure, and by emissions from the network equipment that provides the telecom or wi-fi connection, so secondhand exposure.

When there's no emergency, consider keeping your wireless gear all the way powered off. And in general prefer cords/cables/wires to communicate (and provide them for others to use). Just because something is "convenient" doesn't mean it's "best."

I urge all of you who fly as passengers or crew to insist on decreased wireless radiation exposures, especially inside the metal cans! Probably most of you know that when you fly your body gets pierced by the other kind of radiation; you don't need to be piercing your body with wireless radiation too. And it's especially unfair to pierce all the bodies who aren't using any wireless gear (involuntary exposure doses). Plus the flight crew's bodies day after day being pierced by all the ricocheting radiation -- that's not fair either.

Medical experts haven't yet decided exactly how people get ill from these exposures, because it seems to vary (what illness/disease doesn't vary?), but more and more MDs are now diagnosing this sensitivity and urging precaution. Please think about reducing your exposures -- it isn't that hard to do.

Any flight crew who would like to connect with other flight crew suffering due to sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, you could send a message at facebook page "Wendy Walks For ES" (one of that page's administrators is an airline Captain who is affected in that way, and so you could connect with other flight crew through there).


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