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Thursday 16 May 2013

Who invented the word "feasible"?

Whether in relation to money, or non-natural electromagnetic field emission sources, or anything else, get rid of the word “feasible.” That word should be struck from the English language – forever – re any topic. The English language manages to be extremely ambiguous without even trying to be, so we don't need "feasible" to be there to maximize ambiguity and to make lies appear "polite".

“Yah, we gotta put a cell tower exactly there in Port Franks because that’s the only feasible location. [Otherwise our capital outlay might be $27.01 higher, we might get 2.3 more customer service complaints per year, our average $48,000 per month per antenna site revenue might be reduced by $57.63 per year, and our hydro expenses might be $4.22 higher per month.]”

Or re-define “feasibility” so that there's no doubt what is being pondered: the state or degree of causing harm to someone or something in order to conveniently or easily achieve something.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Celebrate The Ides and Ideas of May

I choose to bask in the glorious day that is The Ides of May (May 15th), as it is the day that I was able to restore my ailing computer to good health. Some of the poor thing's on-off switches were discombobulated by some quick off-on electricity experiences. Gee, what a coincidence—I have an ES/EHS computer! I guess, after all, even though I don't have children I do have something that relies on me to control its non-voluntary exposures to un-natural EMFs.

How 'bout we name the 16th of May "The Ideas of May"? We could each take 5 minutes of our day on May 16th and phone a local daycare, school, pediatrician's office, or children's hospital, etc. I'm going to introduce myself, and ask them to please do whatever they can to reduce EMF exposures for kids. As someone's email signature says, "A society that doesn't protect its children won't last more than one generation."

Maybe you'd like to ask the people you chat with by phone for an email address so that you can share with them one or two websites and attachments. (It's highly recommended to not inundate someone new to the topic.) Several people new to the wi-fi topic have told me they like My school board trustee described the AAEM's letter to Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) as "very powerful." If you can't access the LAUSD letter, please email me at and I'll send it to you. A quick glance at exposure symptoms is available at

Here's to celebrating The Ides and Ideas of May!

Friday 10 May 2013

Mother may I?

Mothers' Day is celebrated in Canada on May 12th this year. Mothers and children are the majority in most populations.

As children, some of us played a game named "Mother may I." How about, "Mother may I be at school today without my head and body soaking up more and more of the artificial electromagnetic energy constantly pumped out of the wi-fi routers and everyone's wireless devices for 6 hours—please?"

Isn't every day supposed to be Children's Day?

Some updates from this month of May that, hopefully, will help everyone answer "Yes" to both the above questions.

[The orange lines are clickable links.]

A majority of parents in the province of British Columbia in Canada understand:
BC Parent Councils Resolution Passed
On/Off Switches for Wi-Fi Routers and Protocol for the Use of Wireless Devices in Schools

Even tech giants understand:

Former Microsoft Canada President agrees school Wifi is a Potential Health Hazard

Read more here:

Medical doctors understand:
Doctors warn of "Public Health Hazard" from new WiFi in Ontario 
WIFI debate continues

Academics understand:
associate professor of environmental and resource studies at Trent University speaks to concerned parents about the potential adverse health effects from exposure to WiFi in schools

Prof. Johansson boils it down simply:
Wi-Fi Exposure (Mice Sterility by the 5th Generation)

2-year anniversary of Council of Europe calling for action:

Resolution 1815: The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment

2-year anniversary of World Health Organization officially telling everyone that wireless communication emissions are possibly carcinogenic:
International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of WHO)
Monograph on Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields