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Thursday 16 May 2013

Who invented the word "feasible"?

Whether in relation to money, or non-natural electromagnetic field emission sources, or anything else, get rid of the word “feasible.” That word should be struck from the English language – forever – re any topic. The English language manages to be extremely ambiguous without even trying to be, so we don't need "feasible" to be there to maximize ambiguity and to make lies appear "polite".

“Yah, we gotta put a cell tower exactly there in Port Franks because that’s the only feasible location. [Otherwise our capital outlay might be $27.01 higher, we might get 2.3 more customer service complaints per year, our average $48,000 per month per antenna site revenue might be reduced by $57.63 per year, and our hydro expenses might be $4.22 higher per month.]”

Or re-define “feasibility” so that there's no doubt what is being pondered: the state or degree of causing harm to someone or something in order to conveniently or easily achieve something.

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