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Wednesday 1 August 2018

President's Message, EPIC

Hello. Thank you very much for being here.

Our non-profit is Electromagnetic Pollution Illnesses Canada Foundation – we abbreviate that as “EPIC.” I’m Barbara Payne and I’m EPIC’s first President. Our non-profit provides support and services to persons directly or indirectly affected by several types of electromagnetic pollution. EPIC also provides information to the public about electromagnetic pollution and its impact on health and wellbeing. And EPIC promotes the creation of healthy environments. EPIC’s website is often updated — — and we’re on Twitter @iexistworld.

"Wireless" seems like an endless list of items, right? I notice that many people have an a-ha moment when they realize that it isn’t so much a long list of so many things as merely ONE thing that happens to spew out of many sources.

Electromagnetic fields are PHYSICAL agents. For various reasons, even though use of electrical, electronic, cordless, and wireless devices and systems and networks has been exponentially increasing for decades, there seems to have been no meaningful effort by authorities to inform anyone about the increased density and sources of biologically-active electromagnetic radiation that results because of high consumer and commercial use, including overuse.

It’s essential that everyone realizes the simple fact that operation of any electrical, electronic, or wireless devices or networks is: secondhand exposures of biologically-active radiation to bystanders and environments; firsthand exposures to each direct user; that each user is making a pulsing, three-dimensional radiation footprint; and that each user’s demand for wireless network availability is as if each user is granted the right to irradiate EVERY child, adult, and environment. B. Blake Levitt said in 2015, “An individual’s right to use wireless tech stops where someone else’s DNA begins.”

Respect yourself and others by being mindful that electromagnetic radiation is generated by most items that are powered by electricity or battery — and that’s whether or not they’re “wireless.”

Prefer modern non-wireless connection methods – with cords and cables that eliminate or substantially reduce electromagnetic radiation footprints and exposures. Prefer non-wireless methods for yourself, and provide them for others, and request them everywhere you and the people you care about spend time.

We need progress that is LESS electromagnetic radiation, not MORE sources, not HIGHER density of electromagnetic pollution.

Anytime you hear or read the following words, they usually actually mean that someone decided to knowingly pump biologically-active, body-penetrating electromagnetic radiation into you and everyone else (that’s users and non-users) where network coverage or wireless devices or wireless features are on, and whether or not the networks and devices are actively being used. All the following words are usually dense electromagnetic radiation footprints and exposures: 4G, 5G, 2G, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, hotspot, cell network coverage area, Bluetooth, wireless, smart, DAS, transmitter, signal, mobile, wearable.

Anyone who says it’s impossible or too difficult to install and use wireLINE (cords and cables) instead of wireLESS is usually incorrect, or closed-minded, stubborn, disrespectful, lazy, or simply doesn’t yet know how. More than 150 years ago humans installed the first communication cable across the Atlantic Ocean, so it's unrealistic, in the 21st century, for anyone to claim we can't figure out how to install or upgrade modern communication cables in schools, homes, doctors’ offices, government buildings, hospitals, libraries, workplaces, retail areas, churches, parks, stadiums, or anywhere else! Whenever a telecommunication company deems a cable is necessary, the company goes to great lengths, literally, to install a cable. How is it NOT necessary to prevent wireless radiation from KNOWINGLY detrimentally messing with the cells in our living bodies when experts already know how to prevent that AND companies that provide connectivity for networks and other services and products DO use non-wireless methods for other reasons?! People matter. Environments matter. We must insist that communication and other technology and utility companies provide products, features, and services that beneficially modernize by using cords and cables instead of wireless radiation.

Encourage everyone to practice e-hygiene and #PracticeSafeTech. Prefer cords (to connect with wireless off), provide cords, request cords, respect wires. Handle all types of power with caution. Be kind to yourself and to others. Please tell two people what you learn here, and ask THEM to tell two people.

Barbara Payne, President
Electromagnetic Pollution Illnesses Canada Foundation (EPIC)
(revised August 2, 2019, previous version was dated August 2, 2018)

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