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Saturday 20 July 2013

Toronto meeting Tues July 23 / 6:30pm: RF-emitting Water Smart Meter Program

City of Toronto Water Department is rolling out water “smart” meters that emit radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Their plan is to install one of these RF-emitters indoors at every Toronto home. In a few Toronto Wards, these RF-emitting water meters were installed a few years ago and the roll-out is now continuing. City of Toronto Water Department and Toronto Public Health have been notified that there are important and valid health concerns regarding RF radiation exposure for residents of any age and any health status. Some residents have other concerns as well.

These RF emissions generated inside each home will wirelessly send the home’s water usage information to data collection equipment located outdoors in every neighbourhood. Further, the neighbourhood data collection equipment also communicates wirelessly sending more RF throughout all neighbourhoods and the City in order to transmit each household’s usage information to the Water Department.

TUESDAY, July 23rd at 6:30 pm
Earl Bales Community Centre, Room 3
4169 Bathurst St

Toronto Public Health,
City of Toronto Water Department,
and City Councillor Pasternak will be at this meeting.

This is an open invitation for anyone and everyone to attend – your family, neighbours, associates, your Councillor and other government representatives, healthcare providers, media ... anyone. All Toronto residents and people who support Toronto residents are welcome to attend this meeting. If you aren’t in Toronto, please distribute this email widely so that others who might be in Toronto have an opportunity to attend.

Amazing Darlene has been working very hard on behalf of all of us (whether you’re in Toronto or elsewhere). It’s important that as many Torontonians as possible attend (even if you must arrive later or cannot stay for the full session), so that officials and government representatives cannot deny the gravity of the situation. Hopefully this will also be a media opportunity – you can help with that by contacting any media in advance.

Darlene tried to ensure low-RF at the venue but cooperation may be limited in that regard. Definitely there will be an announcement near the beginning of the session requesting all personal devices are off, and PDO signage will be in the room.

Please widely distribute this e-mail, and you can also distribute by these methods where you’ll find the same message posted:
... Facebook at page “Wendy Walks For ES”
... on the internet at
... a link in a Twitter post by @EnergyCanaries

This isn’t a requirement but if you’d like to notify Darlene that you’re planning to be at the meeting, that could be helpful and you can email her at .

See you there!

From: Toronto Smart Meters <>

Please see the note below from Councillor Pasternak's office confirming the meeting for this Tuesday at at the Earl Bales Community Centre, Room 3. I plan to be there are 6:30, but the email below is confusing, as the subject line says 7:00 p.m. and the body says 6:30.

I could open up the discussion with concerns, and we will have some people who are quite educated in this field.

My objectives are as follows:

  1. Test the water meters to see what the actual emissions are. I will recommend Safe Living Technologies
  2. Offer alternatives to wireless emissions.
  3. Until we figure it out, stop the harassing letters.
Would anybody like to bring up the privacy issues?

Looking forward to meeting everyone on Tuesday evening. Please confirm if you are coming.

Thank you,


• <>
• <>
• <>
• <>
• <>
• <>

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Irina Fyfe" <>
Subject: Water Meter Program information meeting: Tue, July 23 | 7pm
18 July, 2013 5:03:21 PM EDT
To: "Irina Fyfe" <>

Dear residents,

The meeting regarding Water Meter Program has been rescheduled for Tuesday, July 23rd at 6.30pm and will be held at Earl Bales Community Centre, Room 3 (4169 Bathurst St). Both Toronto Water Department and Toronto Public Health will be represented at that meeting joined by Councillor Pasternak.

Best regards,
Irina Fyfe

Constituency Assistant
Office of James Pasternak
Councillor Ward 10, York Centre
T 416-392-1371
F 416-392-7299
E <>
Please visit us at <>

Stay in touch with Councillor Pasternak: <>

<>   <>   <>

Sign up for Ward 10 updates <> .

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