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Thursday 11 July 2013


In your body there is something called a Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Its purpose is to stop certain substances in your body from entering into your brain (both foreign substances and non-foreign substances). Your BBB isn't supposed to be open: "exposure to microwaves can open the BBB."

Microwaves are the non-natural electromagnetic energy waves generated and emitted to continuously flood throughout indoor and outdoor environments wherever there is coverage for using wireless technology. It's microwaves that are generated and emitted by: mobile phones/tablets and their networks; cordless phones; WiFi; baby monitors; wireless computer, game, entertainment; many smart meters for electricity and water; WiFi-enabled appliances; wireless security systems; and more. 

Each of those microwave emitters (each of all personal and other end-use devices/appliances/equipment, and each of all the base stations and network equipment) adds density to the continuous flood of microwaves everywhere.

Microwaves are also used inside metal-walled ovens because at various power levels microwaves can in shorter periods of time than traditional cooking greatly increase the temperature of water and fat. Now that our indoor and outdoor environments are filled with microwaves and their sources, this is all people (you=water+fat) being INSIDE the oven with the microwaves; and that oven is always on (24/365, not only for a short period of time).

Prefer wireline connections and provide them for others to use. Insist that manufacturers, service providers, infrastructure, and regulators provide wireline solutions and innovations that reduce or eliminate microwave exposure for you and your family in all public and private environments (home, work, school, play, retail). All that CAN be done, but it won't be done unless you ask for it and insist.

Now you know.

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  1. I forgot to mention in my blog post that the link near the top is to "Neuroscience for Kids" and specifically about the Blood Brain Barrier.