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Thursday 2 January 2014

Use a word to paint a thousand pictures

I'm not sure whether or not there already is one of these. I propose an "E-word." I think it's a necessary step to mention it more often, so that more people perceive the scope of the electromagnetic pollution problem and that it's a scalable problem.

For example, if "Cancer" wasn't one big "C-word," good luck to each sufferer and each support group and each set of medical professionals who would be forever trying to raise awareness and meet needs regarding each type of suffering without that label as a common thread.

I'm puzzled as to why all of the effects of human exposure to emissions of artificially generated electromagnetic fields (EMFs) aren't discussed simply as human biological reactions to EMF added into our air.

I think we need to label over-exposure to EMFs as one health concern so that it's a heck of a lot easier for everyone to explain and understand what's going on. I realize there are pros and cons to using the word "electrosensitivity," but we've got to pick a word. So I propose that "Electrosensitivity" be the "E-word." It has to get into common knowledge that "Electrosensitivity" means something.

Sure it's a long list of effects and a long list of sources, but that's the point: it's one list regarding one type of additive. [It isn't that each of these effects is a new list on its own: cancers related to electromagnetic exposures, memory difficulties, heart rate irregularities, blood-barrier permeability, oxidative stress, unexplained nausea or dizziness, dehydration, heightened chemical sensitivities, ringing in the ears, reduced fertility, behavioural disorders... (and so on). And it's one type of additive, artificial EMF emissions from: mobile phones, cordless phones, tablets, laptops, game stations, baby monitors, appliances and accessories and monitoring equipment of all sizes and purposes that can communicate wirelessly, chargers, electrical outlets, wireless network routers/boosters/infrastructure... (and so on).]

In the year 2014, a lot of artificial EMFs are often continuously being generated and pumped into our air, which makes them an air pollutant. Not a new concept: any visible or invisible air pollutant is a problem because it becomes body pollution. Not a new concept: body pollution can directly or indirectly cause a wide range of health changes for an individual or for the public—changes noticed at the time of pollution, cumulatively as exposure is repeated, or later.

Not a new concept: every medical expert knows that humans evolved using natural EMFs to survive and function moment to moment, which is why it's normal that all humans are sensitive to EMFs and therefore react to them. Not a new concept: any body's reactions to natural or artificial EMFs can vary for each individual or between individuals—exactly the same as individuals' reactions to anything in an environment can vary, and exactly the same as everyone's health status is not identical.

At every moment of life, a human body is electrosensitive and must react to EMFs—your body, my body, everyone's body evolved to function in that way. If MDs and experts would simply explain that (and remind their colleagues that they know this) then it'd be plain as a nose on a face: when a lot of extra EMFs are added in a person's environment and/or added continuously, sometimes the extra reactions triggered by the EMFs are going to cause effects that are detrimental to a person's health.

There is no controversy. A truthful MD can never say that humans aren't electrosensitive. A truthful MD can never say that reactions to EMFs wouldn't vary.

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