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Wednesday 15 January 2014

Bits fit... not puzzle bits when you know the picture

["fitbit" is a consumer product line that's extremely easy to find via internet search.]

In reaction to a recent media article, Dr. Devra Davis (Founder of Environmental Health Trust) wrote: "Fitbit is becoming fitbite. Growing reports that fitbit microwave radiating tracker produces severe skin rashes requiring medical treatment. Company explains there are no known allergens in its plastic or metal parts. Ironic that microwave emitting device transmits information using pulsed microwaves 24/7 so that people monitor their fitness level. Must be a silent epidemic of sleep-exercising sheeple who need constant feedback to learn whether they've moved enough to burn calories. What's next? A swallowable chip to record calories eaten to link with those consumed??"

The problem is that it isn't only big or small devices made of metal, glass, and plastic that transmit and receive EM radiation as an invisible electromagnetic network. Fully-accepted scientific fact: EM radiation penetrates into everyone's body. Fully-accepted scientific fact: our bodies must use EM radiation every moment in order to survive, and our bodies developed to use natural sources and natural levels of it.

Yes EM radiation is invisible - invisible doesn't mean it's nothing.

Any electronic device that can communicate wirelessly (to another component, to a separate device, to a router, to a phone, to a laptop, to a tablet, to a computer, to a network ...) is generating and emitting electromagnetic (EM) radiation - causing firsthand and secondhand exposures - into skin, bodies, brains, and throughout the environment. Because everything wireless is both firsthand and secondhand exposures to this EM radiation, you want to reduce exposures for yourself, for everyone you care about, and to be kind to other adults and kids (and pets and wildlife).

Please think about and begin and continue reducing your firsthand and secondhand exposures. Please realize that your use of a wireless device for non-urgent and other lifestyle purposes is YOU generating this EM radiation and sending it into your own body, everyone else's body, and into the near and far environment. Please realize that when your device is on and capable of receiving any type of communication, even if you aren't directly using the device it is generating and emitting this EM radiation (usually more often than once per second, or some active apps may require continuous EM radiation emission).

And the EM radiation isn't only at the electronic device you're using... your device's communications can hurtle long distances between a personal-use device and a router or network, right? And this can happen even when you're moving, right? What do you think a "coverage area" is? It's the huge volume of air where this EM radiation is constantly arriving and travelling at ultra-high speed from routers, network towers/antennas, and other equipment constantly generating and emitting the EM radiation so that if someone happens to be at a location within that air volume and wants to choose to send or receive text/voice/data wirelessly it could happen. Think about it: where are these huge volumes of air where there is coverage? Pretty much everywhere indoors and outdoors, and including throughout your home, and 24/7 so also while everyone is asleep. And how many sources are each separately but simultaneously constantly pumping EM radiation into that air?

Wireless users: please reduce your own use, for your own sakes and for others. Also, are you really okay with paying products and services that give you the "privilege" to irradiate yourself, others, and the environment? I realize that for some of you, you're not accustomed to any other way of conducting everyday life. There are plenty of modern and plenty convenient enough ways of doing so, and you'll likely find that they have other benefits you didn't realize. At the very least, as a valued consumer, ask and insist that your product and service providers give you safe modern alternatives now and ongoing. If you speak, they have to listen. History shows us that, for the most part, companies tend to survive no matter what change becomes necessary for them. Sure they'll probably try to talk you into sticking with whatever they want to promote - their priority is the "health" of their company's bank account and stockholders. You have the right to prioritize your health above that.

Some of you may want to ask and insist by contacting your government representatives. Certainly government is informed and makes choices that I won't comment on here except to say that new information is new information, and old information can be insufficient (even if it isn't wrong). Some people are of the opinion that government hears industry voices more loudly, so you might have to speak louder than you expect. You have the right to prioritize the need for industry changes in support of human health.

Regarding EM radiation pollution of people and the environment, corporate social responsibility is severely lacking. Whatever you learn about EM radiation, please inform (and continue to inform) all product and service providers that for all uses you want this artificially-generated EM radiation reduced and eliminated, not added to products and services, and not as replacement for non-wireless products and services.


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