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Saturday 10 August 2013

What would YOU do with $1,442,000,000?

In case anyone wonders who’s pumping how much into that constant swamp of wireless radiation we’re all wallowing in, and some astounding (although not surprising) stats, please visit the link above the headline shown at the bottom of this post. The headline happens to mention they’re swamping the general population — i.e., it’s the coverage area, regardless whether or not anyone in it happens to be using a mobile device.

Also, stats and the discussion in the article are reminders of emphasis on corporate health, with the people population reduced to a collection of numbers and status as earning units. “wireless revenues increased to $1,442 million” << that’s only one company in Canada, Bell Mobility; and they refer to it as “Q2 results,” so I guess $1,442,000,000 is only a 3-month chunk of revenue. The article doesn’t mention profit, but I’m pretty sure it’d be safe to assume that expenses were no where near $1,442,000,000.

Also, the 73% is referring specifically to LTE — I don’t know for sure but I’m pretty sure that there are still other Bell network transmitters providing coverage in areas not yet covered by Bell LTE. So I doubt it’s that Bell provides a radiation coverage swamp that inundates 73% of the Canadian population; that stat would be higher than 73%.

I’ll take this opportunity to point out Bell’s coverage map that certainly visually portrays (to a layperson) the look of an unwanted spread of disease/virus (if it isn’t automatically selected, please choose the button for “4G HSPA+”). And indeed here their website reads, “Covering over 97% of the population.” (Friendly reminder: If you click on this coverage link, please remember to end up back here so that you also visit the link at the bottom of the post.) English: or French:

I didn’t at all go looking for that article with the Q2 results and stats ... oddly, google considered it the second most relevant result today when I did a basic search for “population of Canada 2013” -- directly below the first result of the official federal government’s Statistics Canada website.

the headline:
"Bell Q2 2013 results: Subscriber base now at 7,715,641, ARPU $56.85 and LTE network reaches 73% of the Canadian population"

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