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Friday 30 August 2013

Is there an app that teaches Compassion 101?

Our advocacy groups know that many parents and most teachers who are concerned regarding wireless radiation in school environments feel as if they have been muzzled regarding this issue.

I can’t comment on whether or not any impropriety or discrimination or harassment or other harm is intended or disregarded. I know that whatever transpires, it’s a fact that there are many teachers who personally feel ridiculed and that their job security and related normal expectations are imperiled by their efforts to investigate and be prudent about these radiation exposures to school children and for reasons of workplace safety.

It’s also a fact that there are many teachers — and children — who are made ill by exposure to this type of radiation.

Even if it is legal to urge and insist that teachers and parents must ‘voluntarily’ agree to accept the presence of a physical radiation agent in schools, and even if it is legal to insist that teachers ‘voluntarily’ agree to not discuss the topic of wireless radiation in schools with their peers nor anyone else (and I’m not saying whether or not such insisting is legal, because I don’t know), it’s certainly unconscionable to accept this approach when supposedly we all care about each other and care about children, and where certainly we live in a country where usually no one should ever feel attacked or afraid to speak up in the best interests of children (or anyone else).

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