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Saturday 2 March 2013

To see, or not to see. There is no question.

There was an article at headlined "Now People Are Freaking Out That Google Glasses Will Cause Cancer." Dr. Devra Davis' facebook points out that article and comments, as follows:

"I have worked on environmental health hazards my entire professional career starting with tobacco and asbestos. We simply cannot go through the path we took with those hazards with cell phones. For those well-established hazards we never had 100% people exposed. We are paying the price now for the damaging effects of tobacco and these hazards that were debated far too long because of commercial interests.
This idea of placing something right in front of the brain in the eyes that would be receiving microwaves is deeply troubling. While cell phones emit much less power than microwave ovens, they release pulsed digital signals that can be disruptive to all membranes in the body (including the membrane that protects the brain) at very very very weak levels.
Studies conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse Director Nora Volkow have shown that 50 minutes of exposure to a cell phone result in a significant alteration of glucose metabolism in that area of the brain that is most exposed. World Health Organization concluded that cell phone radiation and other wireless radiation is a possible human carcinogen. We must learn from mistakes of the past in public health."

I wanted to add a comment to hers. I thought about it for a long time because this is so important for people to know (whether or not science explains it to anyone's satisfaction). If people take the time to read this, maybe they will “know.” I apologize if it's difficult to read because of long sentences necessary for clear comparisons ... I tried to punctuate it for ease of understanding.

No one would think it's okay to send ELECTRICITY (an invisible-to-humans man-made energy that is in the LOWER END of the electromagnetic spectrum) directly into the eyeballs or the brain beyond them for any length of time; and no one would think it's okay to send XRAYS (an invisible-to-humans man-made energy that is in the HIGHER END of the electromagnetic spectrum) directly into the eyeballs or the brain beyond them for any length of time. So why would it ever be okay to send an invisible-to-humans man-made electromagnetic energy (whatever name you give it) that is scientifically measured in the same spectrum BETWEEN those two very dangerous damaging energies directly into the eyeballs or the brain beyond them for any length of time?

The damage from sending electricity or xrays into eyeballs and brains might be immediately evident or later evident, and the damage is worsened by duration of exposure and by multiple exposures over time. We know that. Except under strict guidelines of medical and healthcare authorities, it is NOT okay to send any type or any measure of man-made energy in the electromagnetic spectrum directly into eyeballs and brains (or anywhere else in and on the body). And those authorities do NOT claim it is ever safe to do so; such use is based on weighing the known risk of physical damage to the body versus possible benefits. We know that.

Whatever wireless device is network-enabled, or receiving, or transmitting, the physical presence of invisible-to-humans man-made energy in the electromagnetic spectrum is what technically makes those things happen. For receiving, the device must uptake the man-made electromagnetic energy; for transmitting, the device must emit the man-made electromagnetic energy; for a network to know that a wireless device is network-enabled and able to receive network transmissions, both the network and the device must be both uptaking and emitting the man-made electromagnetic energy even when the device is not actively in use. We know that.

Therefore, the invisible man-made electromagnetic energy is physically travelling and physically present, at the very least, at and around the wireless device; usually the device user shares the environment with the wireless device (touching it, wearing it, holding it at or near the head or lap, etc.). Therefore, the invisible man-made electromagnetic energy is also at and around the user’s body. It’s a scientific fact that a human body uptakes this invisible man-made electromagnetic energy. We know that.

In most built environments (urban, rural, indoors, outdoors, anywhere) there is coverage provided by one or many networks for various uses and purposes. Any area with “coverage” is an area where invisible-to-humans man-made electromagnetic energy is present and travelling as emissions from network equipment somewhere, and these emissions are usually continuously pumped into and throughout coverage areas whether or not any device within the coverage area is on or in use. Connections can start at any time, and wherever in the coverage area a device is, and continuously as the device moves around within the coverage area and into other coverage areas. In effect, we’re constantly wading through an invisible swamp of the man-made electromagnetic energy around us all the time. We know that.

This invisible-to-humans man-made electromagnetic energy isn’t “weak.” Think about it. It’s hurtling through the air at speeds that provide pretty much instant communication; plus, somehow it’s strong enough to hurtle through the air at great distances; plus, during all that hurtling, somehow all its billions of bits of zero’s and one’s stay intact enough that they’re in perfect condition after they’ve been slammed at such high speeds over huge distances: plus, somehow it’s strong enough to get through windows and walls (obviously, it can get through eyeballs, skin, and skulls too). We know that.

For most people, this stuff is slamming into the inside of their bodies all day, all night, every day prenatally and forever. It can do damage. We know that. If you didn’t know before, you know now.

Know to prefer NON-wireless communication technology, and provide WIRED communication technology for others.

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