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Monday 4 March 2013

If it sounds too good to be true ...

Honest, I get it. Wireless devices are amazing, spiffy, sick, etc. I'd be the queen of promoting them if they and their networks didn't have detrimental effects on the health and wellbeing of, ah, EVERYone. I know that you're at least wondering (or know) about the health effects of the radiation flying all around you, your kids, and your pets Felix and Spot -- otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Even if you're not fully on that page yet, lately we've got Anthony Robbins, Dr. Andrew Weil, Huffington Post, Dr. Oz, many other notables, and even inundating media with daily reminders to you and all of humanity to step away from the glowing rectangle more often so that you don't get sucked into the e-vortex.

I'm often asked for my opinion regarding the various accessories that claim to provide a wireless device user with some degree of protection. If I post it here, I'll know where to find it.

Mobile wireless devices on in various standby modes or being directly used emit radiation. The cell towers/antennas/network infrastructure are continuous irradiation for everyone, whether or not they're using a device, including people (all ages) who do not use any device at all -- wherever indoors and outdoors there is network coverage, there's a never-ending swamp of radiation.

It's wonderful for people to do what they can to protect themselves and their families, but to encourage no decrease in use or to encourage increase in use is definitely worsening the situation regardless of an individual’s personal radiation dose maybe being somewhat reduced (note: the radiation is not eliminated, only maybe reduced), including for the user (as this person will also still be subject to that ongoing or increased irradiation from the network infrastructure).

Further, that an individual can purchase a product that decreases personal physical harm to the purchaser and the purchaser has knowledge that her/his use of the product causes continued or increased physical harm to OTHER people is quite, let's say, distasteful.

Further, for example, do the add-on accessory bits or pouches that are offering shielding in one direction come with warnings to keep the unprotected side away from other people (for example not to stuff it into a purse crammed into a stroller behind a toddler's head)?

Further, do the items claiming to be protective come with warnings that the item may cause more of the non-RF types of electromagnetic radiation to enter into a user's hand?

Radiation emissions from wireless electronic devices and the networks that support them are a complex problem that is not resolved by wrapping up a machine in a pretty piece of fabric or slapping a sticker on it. If someone claims to be unable to survive without owning and using a mobile device, maybe use such a pouch or sticker AND completely power off the device more often AND never use the device or have it on standby for incoming calls and messages near another person, never in a car, never in a bus, never in a train, never in an airplane, never in an elevator, never near anyone sleeping, etc.

Perhaps a "warning label" should be attached both to personal wireless devices AND to products claiming to reduce radiation exposure from those devices:

Each wireless communication task performed by an electronic device can send radiation into your body that interferes with your body’s normal functioning (whether you notice it or not). Each of those wireless tasks also sends radiation into the bodies of everyone within the coverage areas of the network your device is connected to (including but not only the people nearby you), and into the bodies of everyone within the coverage area of your recipient’s network (if also using wireless), and into the bodies of everyone within the coverage area of all the network equipment used to connect the sender’s network with the recipient’s network. From this moment on, please consider whether or not your wireless task is so important enough that it justifies physically damaging your body (firsthand), physically damaging your recipient's body (firsthand), and physically damaging everyone else’s bodies (secondhand).

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