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Thursday 8 December 2016


The Year Of The Flood ~ a book by Margaret Atwood
Before The Flood ~ a documentary starring Leonardo DiCaprio
Stop The Flood ~ this blog post by Me
Electromagnetic pollution when intended to be so-called “wireless” (as for wi-fi) is an active pollutant, not a passive pollutant. When intentionally generated and emitted as wireless/wi-fi, those operations pump to continuously force floods of artificial electromagnetic energy into and through environments. It is a well known fact that natural and artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are biologically active and can, and do, penetrate into many forms of organic and inorganic matter to some depth. Therefore, various autonomic and other biological systems, cells, and functions inherent to survival of all persons, other animals, and plants are challenged, often continuously, to perform an uncountably huge number of extra biological reactions (and further cascade reactions) that would not happen in the absence of artificial EMFs, e.g., wireless telecommunication network emissions, wi-fi network emissions, any wireless signal (emitted by transmitters of any size for any purpose).
This pollutant is already far too dense, and often continuously so, in indoor and outdoor environments where persons and other macroscopic and microscopic animals and plants are located or traveling in air/gas, liquids, and solids throughout every day and every night throughout their lifespans—including everywhere persons, animals, plants, machines, or other things are not using, and may intend to never use, this active pollutant for any purpose. Whether or not all these reactions are observed as specifically defined disease or impairment outcomes, performing all these reactions is ongoing, onerous, unnatural stress on organisms and impairing quality of life and survival.
Internet and other information and communication technology connections and operations via non-wireless (i.e., wireline or non-electronic) products, services, and behaviours is proven doable, well understood, already licensed, well-functioning, reliable, and upgradable; and its operational EMF emissions do not voluminously densely pollute all environments and lifeforms.
If “wireless” connectivity for information and communication purposes had been commonplace in industrial-commercial societies prior to wireline connections being invented, upon the invention of wireline connections, I posit that government, other regulators, and connection providers (commercial, public, private) would be scrambling to be deemed “the leader” and heroic and progressive in touting, accelerating, and maximizing rollout of wireline connectivity, while scurrying to do whatever it would take to substantially cease the floods of penetrating “wireless” radiation.

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