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Wednesday 2 November 2016

NINE by Barb

This is a gallery of recently created artworks. They are copyright protected. Some of the items are digital photography. Some of the items are approximate scans of artwork created on paper with pencil, crayon, or manual typewriter. If you don't see a good size view here, I think if you click on any photo it will expand. Actually, first there's a 10th photo: the typewriter... its name is "Sunny" (thanks, Mary Anne!)... it's a beauty... matches my office d├ęcor... although this photo isn't in my office... if you wonder what the bits of paper are in the typewriter photo, they are the NINE titles, which are also below each photo here. Enjoy!!

first, impressions

i'll be back

screened in: think outside the box(es)

Studies on Wi-Fi in Children

a oneline course: balancing, act

and then there was


etymology #1

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