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Tuesday 26 April 2016

You choose: pollution or equity, justice, health?

In regard to technologies that emit machine-generated, biologically-active electromagnetic radiation (electricity, microwave, radiowave, or light waves) to enable operation of any size of powerline or "wireless" technologies/gear/equipment/network device (used by persons or machines), there are at least the following aspects related to "green-ness", health, equity, and justice where society can be encouraged to help influence better and best outcomes:
  • a significant percentage of electricity generation (and concomitant pollution, resource plunder, etc.) and consumption is converted to powerline and "wireless" emissions that flood environments but are mostly unused [e.g., always on-standby electrical appliances; wireless network equipment not powered down nor powered off during periods of low or no use; wireless network coverage areas (at home, schools, workplace, commercial networks, etc.) are where a volume of air is being continuously filled and re-filled by electromagnetic radiation whereas the volume of air occupied by receiving/transmitting devices' antennae is relatively tiny];
  • environmental degradation (often continuous) by emissions of these biologically-active physical agents into indoor and outdoor environments (micro and macro) where living matter (micro and macro) is located and exposed;
  • financial and other incentives encourage commercial and other preferences to maximize emissions, emissions "footprints", and exposures, rather than incentivizing non-polluting or less-polluting alternatives;
  • knowing continuation and/or increase of emissions as an active pollutant and exposures, against urgent advice and warnings by life sciences and public health experts;
  • prevalence of refusal to allow personal residential shelter from harm and access to essential services (including healthcare, education, employment, transportation, and legal services) by reasonable means for persons who experience non-trivial health harm due to this degradation of their environment by sources and trespasses that are under the control of others.
Here is one reference (200+ scientists):

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