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Tuesday 10 February 2015

Less is more. A car is a car is a car.

Stop with the fetish of adding more and more wireless and electronic features, which cause more and more problems! Less is more: less wireless radiation (more health), less interference (more control), less hackability (more safety and security). It's neither progress nor heightened convenience when there gets to be "too much" of something.

One car manual I glanced at online last night (using my non-wireless computer) said that no one can sit or lie on a loose pillow/cushion in any seat of the car because that might throw off the sensors/detectors that "automatically" adjust things for each seat area. Pfft, supposedly all the automatic adjustments are for passenger comfort yet a passenger is forbidden from using a pillow to add comfort ... definitely something wrong with that picture! And of course, the manuals discourage any head-pillowing near the door areas as added leaning pressure might cause airbag deployment.

Back to the drawingboard! A car shouldn't have risks added to it - isn't it enough that it can hurt persons and things if it strays a wee bit from intended use? Oh, maybe you think cars with even more tech that'll be able to drive themselves is the answer that you're proud of? Yah, nothing could go wrong with that ^-^.

I wonder how insurance companies feel about all this. I imagine they'll figure out a way to be the $ winner no matter what. Hmm, "My car suffered a hack-attack and my accelerator went to the floor and I hit three cars and a building. Am I covered for that?" And I'm pretty sure no one would feel good about, "My car brakes must've failed because of a hack-attack. What do you mean my car's tracking system says that's impossible?! I was paying attention, and I always pay attention at that corner because there's a school there, and I did put my brakes on in plenty of time. My god, I killed that child in the crosswalk!"

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