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Friday 25 July 2014

Paying for the right to make kids RMOs (radiation-modified organisms)

What is it that's going on? Is there some socio-cultural trend for decision-makers to purposely WANT to be recognized and revered as members of some cult equivalent to flat-Earth believers? In the year 2014, for any person to claim regarding chronic or acute wireless radiation exposures “I’ve read the research and I understand there are no real health issues" shows very much a lack of understanding and/or lack of modern facts. That quote is from a recent news article about a contract for installing cell towers on school property at dozens of schools in a U.S. county.

Oh, the person making the claim is a representative of the cell tower company. (Do I have to say it: Duh?!)

And why do media outlets continue to let such falsehoods repeatedly be in their reporting? Is this yet another example of a trend away from "truth in reporting" if something other than truth sells newspapers, subscriptions, or advertising?

Were English comprehension skills (i.e., ability to read and understand the published research studies or at least the Abstracts, Conclusions, or expert commentaries about the studies) not taught properly in the school system to the people who are now making these non-informed claims and the decisions based on them? Or are these people's English comprehension skills rusty?

Or is it that people who are entrusted with the safety and wellbeing and nurturing of children couldn't be bothered to actually READ about stuff that does directly and every day impact the health, safety, and wellbeing of the kids entrusted to them? There are thousands of research studies and plenty of them report findings of adverse biological effects, so it's a fact that none of these claimants has read and/or understood "the research". Plus, if there were no real health issues, why are more and more research studies being conducted and published every month with also plenty of them finding adverse biological effects?

I'm not a parent and I'm not a grandparent. I cannot fathom how any parent or grandparent (or anyone interested in the indoor and outdoor environment at schools) could decide that it's okay to continuously dose everyone in a school, all day every day of their school lives, with more of ANY type of artificial electromagnetic radiation pollution. We're all supposed to be cutting down on firsthand and secondhand exposures to this stuff, not increasing the exposures and not cramming more of this type of radiation emissions into kids' bodies. And to decide that money will change hands for the right to do that to kids is something beyond disgusting.

If you think this isn't planned for your school or other schools in your community, maybe you better ask to make sure AND to insist that it never happens.

National Association for Children and Safe Technology




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