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Sunday 15 September 2013

Back To The Future

So many people pretend it would be a fate worse than death for anyone to be not participating in and enabling massive use of wireless connectivity. That is absolute non-sense (yes, I purposely hyphenated that). Other than for money or power gains, it's non-sense (regarding any topic) that so much effort occurs to stifle all extremely forward-thinking research, scientific, behavioural, and medical experts and accuse them of wanting to impede progress. And this continues to astound me: why do the collective "we" repeatedly allow ourselves to be duped into handing over all our money and power? Ahh, lack of knowledge and understanding; yes, I get that. So when these experts who have no share of any related money or power deliver new knowledge and understanding to us, suddenly our DNA mutates and we become Homo un-sapiens. Hmm, why are there all these rumours that we love to learn new things, "lifelong learning," bla-bla-bla? Oh, only if our opinion is that we like what we're learning.

Sure, lots of things are possible, and then new knowledge and understanding comes along: oops.

Wasn’t it progress to move from the oh-so-marvellous invention of cigarettes and suggest and then insist that people reduce or stop cigarette smoking? Wasn’t it progress to move from the oh-so-marvellous, innovative, beneficial ways to use asbestos and suggest and then insist that people reduce or completely eliminate use of asbestos? Isn’t it considered progress to move from the oh-so-marvellous inventions of certain methods of electricity generation to other methods of electricity generation? Wasn’t it progress to outright ban peanut butter from schools?

In Canada, people certainly have a right to live in a home, or attend a public school, or get care at a hospital without having cigarette smoke, asbestos, unrestricted radiation, or peanut butter forced upon them.

In many jurisdictions, if you tell a school that your child has an allergy or special need, a Principal (in the year 2013) does not shrug his/her shoulders and say to you, Gee, that’s unfortunate. I can't keep this doctor's note explaining your child's diagnosis. I can't keep the note because we don't care about it and certainly wouldn't do anything differently because of it. If that doesn't suit you, you can home-school your child. Don't give me any more information about this, ever. And I will never answer questions about it. And if you tell anyone else about this, I will publicly state that your concerns are invalid and should be disregarded and ignored.

Wireless communication is always-on radiation everywhere there is coverage (WiFi and telecommunication networks and other personal or commercial or other devices and networks). It's a type of radiation that pierces through solid objects and into everyone’s body and into everyone’s home whether or not a person is using a wireless device or never uses a wireless device. At present, it is legal that this happens, however, if it's hurting anyone, isn't that extremely unfair, cruel, and inhumane? 
Most people who understand this tell people about it because they don’t want anyone to suffer.

By aiming to reduce or eliminate individual and public exposures to the radiation used to communicate wirelessly, NO ONE IS TRYING TO TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM ANYONE — quite the opposite. This understanding is a great gift that you can give yourself and others. And it is progress.

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  1. Many words are being written for the very sake of warning and informing, but those whom NOT WANT TO KNOW, those who get paid to restore all our health, the only way to get them to open their eyes is when they themselves do get hit by irriversible destruction from this 'non excisting' life threatening EMF. Then they also must go through the devastating denials from everybody and everyone, not getting any help anywhere, getting restrained from all fysical and mental manageability, then in their turn the politicians have to go through the very same, yes then at last some restrictions might be given to the 'all innocent' producers. Guessing around 10-15 years from now that might take. Not many of us, now suffering, will be alife at that point. What I still am amased over is that also the Swedish(democraticly chosen)authorities so easily accept and willingly agree with this fooling and damaging the voters. How far do they reckon this holds? The whole of society seem to dissolve into a huge dementating idolatry, when few get extremely rich by slowly killing all the others. Then who will clean these riches dirt?