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Sunday 28 April 2013

We have each other. Pay it forward.

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Richard Farver, deceased at age 29
Rich deserved the right to know

The San Francisco Supervisors are being pressured by their industry friendly Mayor to repeal their landmark Cell Phone Right to Know law (unanimous vote, 2011); 25 cities & states are waiting to do the same; if  SF caves, they will all stop in their tracks.
According to Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Department of Public Health, UC Berkeley, “the World Health Organization Monograph released last week is likely the most significant governmental health report ever published about mobile phone radiation. All governments should study this report and follow the precautionary principle to take appropriate actions including educating the public about safe use.”
The Monograph states:
"Positive associations have been observed between exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless phones and glioma (LETHAL BRAIN CANCER) and acoustic neuroma" (p.421).

Children are particularly vulnerable as “the average exposure from use of the same mobile phone is higher by a factor of 2 in a child’s brain and higher by a factor of 10 in the bone marrow of the skull.”  

No matter where you live, PLEASE send the email below to the Supervisors now as the vote on may 7 will affect you, your friends, family and co-workers  (pass this onto them please). YOUR EMAILS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
Industry has trillions of dollars- WE HAVE YOU!

Ellie, Alan, Zack, Jordan, Crystal and Mandy Marks
On the behalf of many other victims
(please bcc us at

Copy and paste the short note below into body of your email and send to:

Subject line:
Keep Cell Phone Right to Know legislation intact; vote no against the settlement

Short email note (type your name at the bottom, you do not need to add where you reside):
Dear Esteemed San Francisco Supervisors,

Please stand firm on May 7 to keep your landmark Cell Phone Right to Know legislation intact; vote no against the settlement. People deserve the right to know advisories at the point of sale related to a radiation emitting device used by nearly every man, woman and child daily. The World Health Organization states this radiation is a possible human carcinogen based on an increased risk of brain cancer associated with wireless phone use.

Please continue to stand with your constituents and not with the telecom industry. Please continue to employ your Precautionary Principle ordinance. You will ultimately be saving taxpayers’ money as brain tumor rates are on the rise and the average cost of initial treatment of a brain tumor is over half a million dollars.

Thank you.

[your name]

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