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Friday 28 August 2015

Personal devices away from me... please!

Some activities that are necessities of life can cause added pain and suffering for adults and children who suffer due to electrosensitivity. I hope the small, double-sided handout tool attached with this post will help reduce some of that suffering—while at the same time help raise awareness about electrosensitivity.

I made this tool because someone said she would like to have a small card that expresses her need quickly, politely, and informatively in grocery store checkout lines. There are plenty of other places this small handout could be useful: any checkout lines, waitingrooms, libraries, parks... anywhere strangers are nearby for a while and holding or likely to be carrying wireless devices.

And perhaps you know some non-strangers who would benefit from seeing its list of some related websites and social media.

When we help ourselves and others at the same time... win-win!

If you would rather have a pdf file than jpgs, please email me at energycanaries-at-gmail-dot-com and I will send you the pdf.

Some printing tips for these jpgs:
  • These are 2 files you can use to make 8 double-sided handouts that fit onto a 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper or cardstock. The layout should work for self-print, professional print, or at a photocopy shop printing or photocopying.
  • Important: do NOT use fit-to-page setting when printing, and at first print only 1 double-sided copy as a test (check to see if the margins are okay and that when cut both sides of the small handout fit properly).
  • The "For You" page (page 2) includes very faint grey cutting lines as guides if you are cutting these yourself. The lines are very faint, so even if professionally printed (where the shop would cut in equal 8 sections regardless of those lines), it isn't that those lines would be noticeable.
  • Note: with this design, you might find that an economical way to have a professional look is to use slightly off-white/ivory paper or cardstock. Or experiment with other colours too.
  • Note: it could be extra-effective if you print page 2 upside-down (here in this blog is not the right place for me to explain why).
You have to scroll down a bit to see page 2, because the multiples show here. And when you click on each page then you will see it larger and can read or download the two jpg files.

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