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Saturday 7 September 2013

Email from Dr. Magda Havas: EHS Children Forced from School

An attachment is mentioned below. I will paste its contents at the bottom here.

------ Forwarded Message
From: Magda Havas <>
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2013 15:05:24 -0400
To: Protecting People <>
Subject: Fwd: EHS Children Forced from School

for distribution:

Normally I don't forward emails that request financial support but I believe this situation is precedent setting and very important to those who want to protect children against microwave radiation in Canada and in other countries.

School is a very important part of a child's education, but more and more schools are installing Wi-Fi for the convenience of wireless internet access.  Parents who know their children are sensitive and those who do not want this additional daily 6-hour exposure to microwave radiation have had limited success convincing schools boards, superintendents and principals that this technology may be unsafe for students and their teachers.

Since Health Canada is ignoring the science documenting adverse effects at levels well below their guidelines and since they are reluctant to change their guidelines it is time to take steps that do not include Health Canada.  This involves educating the public, medical professionals, school boards, lawyers, policy makers, the media and this is being done by groups around the world.

At some stage, when rights are ignored by those in authority,  it becomes necessary to take legal action.  This is a situation where legal action is required.

Schools need to use wired access to the internet for the health of their population and for safety, security, and speed of delivery.  The cost is minimal and many schools have wired ethernet access but prefer to use wireless access because they were told by Health Canada that it is safe.  Even the manufactures don't make this claim.  Their claim is that exposures are within Health Canada's guidelines and based on measurements–in at least one school–this is inaccurate information.

While C4ST (Canadians for Safe Technology) is making a concerted effort trying to improve HC's guidelines this will take time and students don't have the luxury of time.  They need an education now and home schooling, which may be excellent, is not the only answer.

We need schools without Wi-Fi radiation and we need them now.  We need to protect students.  They should not have to experience heart palpitations, headaches, nausea, difficulty concentrating because of Wi-Fi (microwave) exposure at school.

Years from now, Health Canada will recognize that this radiation is much more dangerous than asbestos ever was in the school setting.  But students and their teachers should not have to pay the price for Health Canada's willful ignorance. They have been wrong before and they are wrong now.

Please support parents trying to protect their children.

Please consider distributing this email to your friends and colleagues and to those who truly care about the health of children and their teachers.  Any size contribution will help pay the financial bills associated with this legal action and a small victory can help the rest of those who are fighting similar battles in their own communities.

If you are unable to contribute, at this time, consider other ways you may be able to help.

Please share this email with others.  

Thank you,
-magda havas
A society that doesn't protect its children won't last more than one generation.

 Begin forwarded message:

 From: "Dennis and Sharon Noble"
Subject: EHS Children Forced from School
September 6, 2013 8:25:10 PM EDT
To: "'Magda Havas'" <>

Dear Magda,

I am going to ask you for a favour -- would you please circulate the attached letter to your contacts?

You most likely have heard that these 2 families are fighting for the right of their children to attend schools without being exposed to wifi. Both families have children who are sensitive, suffering severe headaches, rashes, and sleep disturbances. When away from wireless devices, both children are fine and able to function well.

It is a sad state when parents must take legal action to protect their families, but that is where they are. I believe it is only a matter of being unaware of the cause of health problems that explains why more people are not participating with the Hoffmanns and Jeskes in this action. With C4ST's efforts in raising awareness of symptoms, and if we are able to get more doctors educated on the topic, more families will be making the same plea. If this law suit can set a precedent, every family with sensitive children and even families who want to prevent their children from becoming sensitive or harmed, will benefit, even those in the US.

They desperately need financial help to continue with their legal actions. Both Tammy Jeske and Janis Hoffmann are dedicated members of the Coalition and have been fighting the proliferation of wireless devices for years. Now they are fighting for their families. They have spent much of their savings to pay the legal bills so far and cannot carry on without help. It would be tragic if they could not proceed with this ground-breaking lawsuit for lack of funding.
>>> That attachment says the following. And if the links in it aren't clickable, please do copy-paste. Thanks.

Parents for Safe Schools:
Request for Donations Please

Our two families continue to fight the unjust dismissal of our children’s appeal for a ‘Wi‐Fi free’ learning environment that would prevent the ill symptoms they experience with the mandatory exposure to microwave radiation emitted by the commercial Wi‐Fi routers installed in our schools. Our request is simple: one school in the district free of wireless technologies, with hardwired communications only.

These purposeful actions are not only for our children but also on behalf of all students and parents across Canada who simply ask for a safer mode to connect with the Internet that doesn’t pose a serious risk to health. Our experienced lawyer, David Aaron, is recommending a judicial review, citing many errors in the arbitrator’s reasoning and application of the law. He believes we have a very strong case.

We are now asking for your financial support to help us continue this vitally important fight for accommodation in schools; to set a precedent whereby all EHS students across Canada can have access to public education without fear of ill symptoms.

So far our legal expenses have totaled $17,500 and we will need approximately another $20,000 to have our case judicially reviewed by the BC Courts and, if need be, by the Human Rights Tribunal. A successful appeal will open the door to more far‐reaching changes at an occupational health and safety level, benefiting all workers with a safer environment.

We must pull together and act for the protection of all our children. Now is the time please.

Thanks so much for your support!
Janis Hoffmann & Tammy Jeske

Donation site for EHS Children Forced from School

Cheque donations can also be made c/o:

‘Parents for Safe Schools’
Add to memo line: ‘EHS Kids- legal fund’

Videos: Jeske/McGinnis interview – Citizen’s Forum

Hoffmann/McGinnis interview – Citizen’s Forum

EHS Stories by Kim Goldberg

Background Information:

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